Famille Fabre Carbon Footprint audit launched

Dolium Chateau de Luc

We begin with Aktio Famille Fabre carbon spending analysis, in order to have a clear image of our energy expenses, to analyze them and to see where and how we can improve our footprint.

What is Carbon accounting or greenhouse gas accounting? It refers to processes used to measure how much carbon dioxide equivalents an organization emits. It is used by states, corporations, and individuals to create the carbon credit commodity traded on carbon markets (or to establish the demand for carbon credits).

Carbon accounting is likened to sustainability measurement, as an instance of ecological modernisation discourses and policy. Carbon accounting is hoped to provide a factual ground for carbon-related decision-making.

Let’s meet in a few months for the results!

Slow Tourism: Famille Fabre pioneer in its offer!

Balade Famille Fabre

In line with its commitment to organic farming, Famille Fabre is also exploring a new trend in responsible tourism: Slow Tourism.

In a society where speed and futility are the watchwords, it is our duty to offer you authentic, immersive and slow experiences.

This is where Slow Tourism comes in. Inspired by the Slow Food movement in Italy (https://slowfood.fr), this new trend is an art of travelling slowly, taking in the surrounding nature and cultural heritage, but also favoring encounters with the locals.

That’s why, we offer historical visits of the Château and its 14th century underground cellar, walking tours in the heart of the Mediterranean scrubland with explanations on the components of our terroir, or to come and taste our delicious wines in the cellar of the Château de Luc accompanied by the winemaker himself.

More than 1000 fruit trees planted this winter, diversification and biodiversity, a winning combination!

André Fabre

André, Louis Fabre’s youngest son , was already associated to the family winery with “Les 3 André” fortified wine. This cuvées was named after his grandfather, great grandfather, and himself as all these generation have participated to its elaboration. He is back on the scene with the planting of more than 1000 fruit trees this winter!

Passionate about Norman cider, where his studies will take him next September, he decided to be specialized in sparkling fruit-based drinks. To do so, he has to take the lead; more than 3 years are necessary before hoping to harvest the fruit of his work.
André has selected the fresh soils from Tarn region of France to grow apple and pear trees, salty earth from Corbières area for pomegranate and for the quince trees: used soils of Luc near the Château.

Famille Fabre supports this project at 200%, and thus continues more than  40 years commitment, confirming its position as a pioneer in biodiversity.

After iconic Famille Fabre fortified cuvée “Les 3 André”, stay tuned for André 3 juices release !

Pomegranate in June 2021



Convention des Entreprises pour le Climat

We have been winegrowers on the same territory for over 400 years and we observe climate change. We act to accompany these changes on a daily basis, and would like to share these issues. Our profession gives us responsibilities and allows us to act on our environment. We have set up a programme to plant hedges and trees, and to sow seeds in the spaces between the rows of vines. This means that we don’t leave the soil bare, which allows us to fix carbon, increase the organic matter content of our soils and store more water during rainy periods. This is beneficial for the quality of our wines, for the beauty of our landscapes which will be less arid, and also for the planet!

That’s why we participate to the CEC (Convention of Entreprise for the Climat)

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