Château Coulon

Château Coulon

Chateau Coulon

Chateau Coulon is intersected by the Roman road Via Aquitania and la Route Royale whose ancient bridge bears witness to a rich viticultural history. Certified organic since 1991, Famille Fabre continues to preserve this tamed wilderness.

Chateau Coulon


The family acquired Chateau Coulon, their oldest estate, through the union of Irma Coulon and Auguste Fabre. Always striving to farm without any chemical treatments, they have been organic long before certifications.

Terroir and climate

The rolled pebbles of the terroir yield aromas of dark berries and liquorice in their concentrated and silky red wines. The rainfall averages at 592 mm per year, making Cruscades one of the dryer areas of the Corbières massif. The sunshine ex- ceeds 3000 hours per year and the average annual temperature is 14°C. These temperate conditions are ideal for organic farming. The rolled pebble and clay-limestone soils of the estate are free from any chemical products.


Not only is the whole estate certified organic by Ecocert, but in 2014 it was awarded the High Environmental Value (HVE) level 3 which is the highest level. But the work doesn’t stop here…

Beyond the label

More than any level of certification, Famille Fabre want a deep connection with nature. ‘A vine that gives must also receive.’ To preserve the quality of the soil, tools are chosen with care and the grass is left to grow under all the vines, supplying the crops with a natural source of nitrogen. Diverse measures are taken to increase biodiversity, such as maintaining or planting hedges at the edge of the plots.


Gravel and rolled pebble soil.