Château Fabre Gasparets

Château Fabre Gasparets

Chateau Fabre Gasparets

Nothing could better illustrate the know-how and excellence of Famille Fabre than their historical birthplace in Corbières-Boutenac (cru-classé since 2005) Chateau Fabre Gasparets.

Chateau Fabre Gasparets


Perched on the Miocene hills at the the start of the massif des Corbières, the terroir of Fabre Gasparets offers exceptional soil for growing both Carignan and Mourvèdre grapes. Our oldest vi- neyard, planted in 1934, serves as backdrop for a beautiful Romanesque chapel. Time stands still and only the old stones are witness to the ageing of the vines. This unique, densely rooted terroir yields intense and extraordinarily fine wines.


Gasparets is situated on one of the 10 municipalities that make up the famous Golden Triangle of the Corbières Boutenac. The soil is varied with some siliceous pebbles rolled in a limestone matrix dating back to the Miocene. Despite the poor rocky soil and an austere climate, the wine surrounded vineyards of Gasparet are well balanced.


The massif mountains filter the clouds brought in by the sea breezes. The Cers, wind from the north west, is channeled by mount Alaric and blows strong and dry through the valley.

The "wagonnets"

The inventive spirit of Famille Fabre can be seen in the creation of the ‘wagonnets’ or little carts that maintain the quality of the grapes from the field to the winery. Forming a little train, the small capacity carts (700 kilos) transport the grapes and allow them to be poured into the vats whole. This creates a reaction known as enzymatique fermentation of the seeds and guarantees a concentrated aroma.


Puddingstone and gravel soil of Boutenac.