Tour de rieux

Tour de Rieux

Tour de Rieux

In 2016 the family embarked on a new adventure when Claire, Louis Fabre’s wife, inherited La Tour de Rieux in the Minervois.

Tour de Rieux


The vineyards are nestled between the picturesque garrigue and a pine forest at the foot of the Montagne Noir, buttress of the Massif Central. The terroir of Laure Minervois claims the disputed title of ‘cru’ of Languedoc.


The hexagonal Romanesque church and the covered alley of Saint Eugene in Rieux bear witness to a rich history.


This is the land of Cinsault, Grenache and Syrah grapes. The perfect altitude, scorching sun and cool soils offer up wines with elegance.

Terroir and climate

The river l’Argent Double that descends from the Montagne Noir to the Aude has created a series of terraces made of pebbles, sandstone, shale and limestone where our vines flourish. The massif protects them from the wind and there is more rainfall than in the nearby Corbières, which guarantees lower temperatures. This gives our wines delicacy and elegance. The vinification is carried out after destemming at a controlled temperature in order to optimise the fruit.


Clay limestone soil and eroded sandstone.