Grande Courtade

Grande Courtade

Grande Courtade

Olive trees and vineyards drift around the Grande Courtade and the large sunny courtyard overlooks the magnificent terroir as if in an amphitheatre.

Grande Courtade


Situated due south, the estate has unusually fresh and sumptuous grapes due to a rare soil from a dried up marsh dating back to the middle ages. The clay bottom of the lower plots makes mineral whites and the the silty sand soil of the middle plots makes quality rosés. The upper plots offers ideal expo- sure for the red grapes.


Farmhouses surround the sixteenth century stone building and a tower known as ‘the big dovecote’. The vats in the wi- nery, built by Famille Fabre ancestors, are still used to this day. The wines are racked in the partially underground cellar.


The diverse soils of the Grand Courtade benefit a wide range of grape varieties that have been planted over the years. Here you find the great French classics Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon, and Pinot. Also, in response to climate change, the recently planted Alicante-Bouschet, Cote dit Malbec and Alvarinho. Famille Fabre knows that the best way to ensure quality is to evolve with the rapidly changing climate.

Terroir and Climate

The vineyard, located at 30m altitude, is set upon a hillside influenced by the temperate sea mists and the Mediter- ranean climate. Its deep limestone soil allows for ideal grape maturation.


Clay limestone soil and marl.