No more caps!

Upon Biocoop request, a French retail chain of organic products, the caps are disappearing. Our rosé and Corbières Chateau Coulon are beginning !

But what is the purpose of the capsule? 

It has a great use because in France we pay a tax on each bottle sold. This tax is represented by the Marianne on the capsules. When the Marianne does not appear, the customs authorities allow us to replace it with a Simplified Accompanying Document, the DSA. This is a form that must follow the sold bottle from our warehouse to the customer’s warehouse. Then the invoice takes over from the wine merchant to your dining room! It proves that the bottle has been sold and that the tax has been paid.

And for exportation? No need! It’s just an habit we took, but the wines could travel without this caps!

Ecological argument

So, that’s a bit more paperwork for France, yes… but above all a bit less packaging. And isn’t it said that the best packaging for our planet is the one that doesn’t exist?


COULON Saint Michel