2021 Grape Harvest : HOPE!

Nicolas Amiel, vineyard manager and the vineyard team! 


August 31: The 2021 harvest is a delicate one, in a vineyard that was heavily frosted and had extremely little water. Nevertheless, the first Sauvignon and Chardonnay grapes are giving us nice surprises, offering lemony, honey and lively musts. The Merlot vinified in rosé already reveals its aromas of wild and delicious strawberries! A lot of freshness to come on this vintage!

We welcome our “usual” team of 25 harvesters on September 13th. They have been coming to help us for over 50 years, and this year, the third generation is coming! We can’t wait to see them again. Specificity of the year: we will also have a local team to be very reactive and to adapt to the different levels of maturity (due to the frost).

This morning, we brought in a very nice Sauvignon that we will vinify with a maceration: a first for us! After the success of our Camin, orange wine with Viognier, we continue the tests, with Sauvignon this time!

The – now famous – “wagons”, invented by our ancestor André Fabre, are out for the carbonic maceration, we have just painted them and they are now ready to welcome the red grape harvest.