Famille Fabre embarks on a new adventure with Covigneron.com!

Come and immerse yourself in the life of a Corbières winemaker, at Château de Luc, the family’s stronghold ! It is now possible to sponsor Famille Fabre vines and participate in the elaboration of our new vintage.

Through several workshops (vineyard walks, harvest, winemaking, food and wine pairing, etc.), you will become a true expert on AOC Corbières wines, the history of the Languedoc and organic farming. Involved since 1991, organic viticulture is an obvious choice for Louis Fabre, a pioneer in this region. You will find a fine example of our commitment in this recent article here.

Why sponsor vines? An original, authentic, friendly and personalised gift idea.

Discover the winemaker’s job: spend half a day with Jeanne & Romain and learn more about our wines, but also about the climate, the terroir, the geology, the grape varieties, the appellations, etc… Everything that shapes our wine!

Discover the harvest: with our team, take part for a moment in the harvest of the future vintage and discover our different cellars. This morning will end with a delicious meal in the park or in the authentic kitchen (depending on the weather) made by Maison Goodman.

Discovering the vintage: let’s meet one last time (before the next one) for a blending workshop and an introduction to wine tasting. At the end of the day, you will receive your bottles labelled with your name, as well as a diploma from Covigneron.

Find out more about this sponsorship : connect directly to covigneron.com.

Covigneron Famille Fabre