Integrated ecology with Famille Fabre

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of our ongoing, 360-degree vineyard initiatives! Work in permanent progress…

– We have planted southern grape varieties to accompany the global warming: Alvarinho, Tempranillo.
– A major agroforestry direction is given with over 5,000 trees planted in 3 years, together with hedges inside the vineyards. The fruits iare then transformed by André Fabre, son number 5 from Famille Fabre.
– Integration of polyculture and mixed farming on the estate: 30% of the total surface area planted with field crops. A herd of 200 sheep graze our vineyards from October to March. We cover ranges between the vines with leguminous seeds, mustard or faba beans sown in September and laid down in February and March, depending on weather conditions.
– We have planted resistant grape varieties, in their 2nd year of production, a light, aromatic white: Souvignié gris, Floréal and Sauvignac, which we have just harvested. No passage through the vines, no treatment products, and a much better carbon footprint !

– Let’s make it reusable! We have launched a range of wines that we sell at Biocoop in returnable bottles: Le Chant de la Terre. Soon our Bulle, PET NAT instant will follow on the traditional distribution in French HORECA.
– We’re removing the foil on 2 cuvée, replacing them with DSAs. And for exports, when customers agree:

– We offered a Scandinavian customer the FRUGAL Pack below in Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon.

– Another innovative packaging: Packamama, a flat PET bottle of 60 grams: Known for the Galoupet bottle, we sell this concept to our customers.

Adelphe membership to responsibly manage the waste associated with the distribution of our wines in France.
Lighter bottle weight when customer agrees: adoption of standard BG or BDX 410 g character. The sommelier bottle for top-of-the-range products has been replaced by the conical bottle, saving 300g per bottle!

– Participation at the Convention des Entreprises pour le Climat, a national think-tank about global warming and tools to reduce its effects
– Monthly meal with a green minute for the company’s 45 employees: a moment of trimming and reflection on the pillars of CSR.
Strict waste sorting and collaboration with MP2 Environement on recycling glassine, paper and cardboard: . Glass becomes an object of table art with Culo

– Promotion of Slow tourism at the chateau: electric bike rides, and “take your time” tours.