Circular economy: a concrete example with CULO!

The circular economy is very important to us, as is our Chant de la terre range in reusable bottles since January 2021, sold at BIOCOOP.

Another concrete and local example: the company CULO, created in Narbonne by the vivacious Margaux, has recovered 10 pallets of glass bottles that we no longer use (discontinued model or damaged bottles).

CULO is a committed French company that has a deep upcycling approach ♻️
CULO collects “glass” waste: mainly wine and champagne bottles, to make them into tableware and decorative objects.
CULO collects the bottles from partner restaurants and wineries, and then cuts, sands, polishes and engraves them!

Culo acts for a serious cause without taking itself too seriously. And Famille Fabre is happy to support this cause, 25km from its cellar!