Le vin orange Le Camin à l’honneur avec Simon J Woolf | Mais aussi… Chateau de Luc blanc et La Serre

Famille Fabre – Chateau de Luc – Les Jumelles 2019 by Simon J Woolf 12/10/2020      Producer: Famille Fabre Wine name: Chateau de Luc – Les Jumelles year: 2019 Classification: Corbieres Varieties: Grenache BlancRousanne country: France region: Languedoc style: White certification: Organic ABV: 13.5

Score (20): 17.0

Take two fairly broad, low acid grape varieties – Grenache Blanc and Rousanne, and it could be too much of a good thing. But here there is a nice sensation of freshness that balances the nutty, herby palate and big boned texture. For such a young wine, there is plenty of depth and expression too.

Famille Fabre – Chateau Fabre Gasparets – La Serre 2017 by Simon J Woolf 12/10/2020  Producer: Famille Fabre Wine name: Chateau Fabre Gasparets – La Serre year: 2017 Classification: Boutenac variety: Carignan country: France region: Languedoc style: Red certification: Organic ABV: 14.5

Score (20): 19.0

Bloody and slightly animal on the nose, with bright blackcurrant fruit and a subtle woodsmoke note. Overall, very pure fruited and fruit focused, with hints of crushed earth, mint and dried herbs. Juicy, with fine and ripe tannins and effortless handling of what is theoretically quite a big, ripe
The Carignan (which was fermented in small amphorae) speaks loud and clear in this blend, with its wild berry and garrique herbal twang.
Wonderful stuff that is already broachable, but could also be cellared for five years or more.

Famille Fabre – Fabre Gasparets – Le Camin 2019 by Simon J Woolf 12/10/2020    Producer: Famille Fabre Wine name: Fabre Gasparets – Le Camin year: 2019 variety: Viognier country: France region: Languedoc style: Orange certification: Organic ABV: 13.5

Score (20): 18

The first vintage of an orange wine made by this major organically certified producer, and very good it is too. From the “Le Camin” vineyard, which translates as “the path” from the local Occitan language.

With aeration, lovely Viognier aromas on the nose – sliced pear and some white flowers. Mandarin and citrus burst out of the glass, and it’s full of fruit on the palate, really tangy and juicy with a note of musk and dried herbs on the finish. Pretty chunky tannins that are perfect for balancing out all the fruit and the other components.
Already expressing a lot for its young age, very nicely done and a really nice surprise to have so much acidity in a Viognier this far south (or at all!). Well worth ageing for another year or two.

Made in 1000 litre amphorae, no sulphites added during fermentation. But presumably some at bottling?