Our Climate

Our Climate

The Mediterranean climate is characterized by :


Strong Sunlight

Subject to the Mediterranean and its oceanic influences, the region of Aude has a climate characterized by strong winds and sunlight. These elements, combined with the hills of the region, explain the variety of vegetation found in its territory and the importance of the region’s energy resources, including wind and solar energy.


Strong winds

The Cers and the Marin are the two major types of wind in the Aude region. The Cers is a northwesterly wind which blows around 270 days a year, often with speeds upwards of 100km/hour (53.9 knots) and gusts up to 120km/hour (64.7 knots). It is cold in the winter, hot in the summer, and always dry, so that it helps to clear rain clouds in the region. Caused by the depression in the Gulf of Genoa, it is produced by a maritime flow of fresh air which originated in the Atlantic and crossed over past the south of Toulouse. The winds get stronger in the Lauragais corrider by Naurouze, and becomes violent and irregular along the Narbonnais. The region’s tree cover is indicative of the strong wind speeds, which prevents the development of branches on the western side but allows growth only on the eastern side.
The Marin, which is experienced most near Toulouse, is a southeasterly wind that comes from the Mediterranean. It brings moisture, coastal haze, and sometimes rain. As Cers’s antithesis, it is lighter and more reliable. However, the Marin can at times bring copious amounts of moisture and therefore rainfall.


Seasonal rain :

Rainfall is most prevalent in the winter months in nearly the entire Aude region. West Audois generally experiences consistent rainfall in the spring, while East Audois experiences more rainfall in autumn. Summer thunderstorms are also possible. When ocean fronts blow in, some rainfalls linked to depressions running on meridian paths may be extremely violent. This mainly affects coastal regions, the Corbieres reliefs, and the southern side of Montagne Noire. Much of a year’s rain can fall in just a few hours, causing significant flooding and destruction.