Terrasses de Lézignan, a soon to be Cru in Corbieres !

A future is being built. Following the example of the famous Cru Boutenac, co-built with 30 neighboring winegrowers, we are working on the recognition of a new Cru within the Corbières appellation, a long-term vision. Château Coulon Terrasses de Lézignan has just been bottled, and should be on sale by the end of the year.


With an appellation area of 44,000 hectares, including 11,500 planted with vines, Corbières has been an AOC since 1985. Long-standing identities and vine-growing have led to the early identification of terroirs, now seeking official recognition as crus communaux. The Terrasses-de-Lézignan “complementary geographical denomination” (DGC) project was launched in 2018 by 5 estates and the Lézignan cooperative winery.
It now brings together 9 renowned estates and 2 cooperative wineries. The aim is to highlight the specific features of specific terroir in Corbieres appellation.


The terroir of Lézignan was identified very early on as one of the specific terroirs of the Corbières due to its ancient quaternary terraces (see Jacquinet 1991 study). The bioclimatic map was drawn up by the Chamber of Agriculture (strict Mediterranean climate zone, semi-arid with a mild climate), as was the pedological map. The terroir is one of those identified in the 1988 Supagro Montpellier engineering project.


Maximum yield Number of communes, 100% red 40 hl / ha 11


– Main grape variety: Syrah: between 60% and 80% – minimum vine age 4 years
– Complementary grape variety: Grenache minimum 20% – vines at least 4 years old
– Accessory grape varieties: mourvèdre, carignan (max 20% together or separately) – minimum age 7 years


The wines are aged until at least December 31st of the year following the harvest, including at least 3 months in bottle.