“In search of the lost vintage”. Famille Fabre presents its new wine tourism offer, an Escape Game inspired by real facts.

What’s an Escape Game?

The principle is quite simple. In teams of 3 to 10 players, you will be locked in a room and will have 60 minutes to get out. But how? You will have to solve multiple puzzles that will require your team spirit, your logic and your sense of observation.

What is your quest?

At the end of the XIXth – beginning of the XXth century, we are in the middle of the golden age of the wine industry. However, dishonest businessmen, attracted by the prosperity of the wine industry, got rich by flooding the market with fraudulent wine. At this time when some winegrowers do not hesitate to falsify their wine to sell more, Irma and Auguste FABRE try to cultivate their vines and to elaborate their wine in the most natural way. They transcribed their practices on a manuscript, which has been lost.

You have been hired to inspect the old cellar of the château and decipher the codes left by Irma and Auguste. You must urgently find the lost cuvée with the ancestral vinification processes of the Fabre family to counteract these malfunctions. The future of the wine world is in your hands, you have one hour!

Beware, there will be a tasting experience, your taste buds will be put to the test!

Escape Game based on real facts: All the characters mentioned have existed in the genealogy of the Fabre Family, as well as their inventions.

Original creation by Instinct Escape Game and Famille Fabre

From what age can I participate?

The minimum age is 10 years old. The child must be accompanied by an adult.

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