Les 3 André: more than 40 vintages for an exceptional fortified wine

Les 3 André: this exceptional vintage traces the history of the Fabre family. It comes from a blend of our best vintages: the oldest provide complexity, the youngest freshness and balance. Our great grandfather was the first to make this wine… and now Louis Fabre carries on the tradition.
“Once upon a time, in a land far away, lived Fabre Family….”

Limited edition


Boutenac terroir, Miocene, clay-limestone soils, rolled pebbles.

Grape variety:        

100% Grenache.


         15 hl/ha, only the best grapes are used.


Manual harvest with careful selection of grapes. The juices are vinified traditionally before being distilled. They are then “forgotten” in barrels for several decades. This wine is made from a blend of our best vintages. The oldest comes from old barrels belonging to the grandfather of Louis Fabre. These are then topped off (ullage) and refreshed with our best fortified wines.

Tasting notes:

Amber colored

Powerful nose of spicy nuts and plum

Long rich and complex palate with lovely aromas of mocha and orange zest

To be aged:

More than 25 years.

Tasting tips:

As an aperitif, sharing a drink before a meal, or as a digestive, after a diner, with good friends. This cuvee is a perfect match for a cigar during a winter evening in front of the fireplace.

Louis’s secret:

Produced on Boutenac terroir, this fortified wine comes from a blend from our oldest vintages of sweet wines. Most of them are from 100-year-old barrels! The name 3 Andre represents the three generations of this familial first name: Louis Fabre’s grandfather, father and young son. These old barrels are refreshed, through ullage with our best sweet wines. Long and complex in the mouth, the palate brings beautiful aromas of mocha and orange zest.