Lux rosé, the nature for conviction

Discover our latest addition to the range: Lux Rosé
1 (Phys.) Unit of measurement of light.
2 (Adj.) Character of what is refined.
3 (Fig.) Like the pink moon, our rosé reveals itself in spring.
4. (Wine) Lux de Luc rosé, an exceptional blend of cinsault, syrah and grenache.

A gourmet rosé, this AOP Languedoc blend of cinsault, syrah and grenache offers delicacy and complexity. Notes of peach, a tangy finish, minerality and freshness. A tribute to April’s pink moon, this cuvée marks nature’s return to life, let’s celebrate together!

Ecological commitments:

We have eco-designed Lux Rosé with particular attention to the packaging:

Cork: Nomacorc Select Green 100, the first carbon-neutral cork. Manufactured by Vinvention from plant-based polymers derived from renewable resources. Recyclable.

Label: First carbon-neutral label.
100% French paper with an old-fashioned feel.
FSC-certified, made from pulp from sustainably managed forests.
Bio-sourced with alternative fibers (20% bamboo).

We have chosen not to use caps, thus reducing waste and environmental impact.

An invitation to discovery, Lux Rosé embodies light and our commitment to sustainable viticulture that respects the environment.

Our wines are Vegan (and we do love pets ) !

Vegan Wines

We are often asked if our wines are suitable for vegans. So we thought that we would shed some light on the issue here. Our dear dog, Pépin (means grape seed) would be a perfect illustration to this article.

So what exactly is it to be VEGAN? It is eating 100% vegetable based food: no animal flesh, eggs, dairy or honey. It also means not using any products (cleaning, cosmetic etc) made from animal fats, not wearing clothes derived from animals and not using anything that has been tested on animals.

And wine? Despite being made 100% from grapes its possible to find that animal substances have been used. For example, clarification which takes place at the end of the fermentation, involves filtering the residual solid matter, often using egg white or fish glue (substances derived from animals).

And at Famille Fabre ?

A wine that does not use fish glue or egg white during the winemaking process is therefore a vegan wine. It has had no contact with anything of animal origin throughout its development. After fermentation we use very fine clay (bentonite) or pea protein for fining, thus totally vegetable based. Our wines are technically VEGAN.

Our wines are not certified as vegan. Such official labels are based on what the winemaker themself declares and thus less reliable than other certifications. We prefer to explain our approach in full.

PS: In terms of taste, there is no taste or olfactory difference between a vegan or non-vegan wine!

Two orange wines in our range

We started to vinify a Viognier in maceration in 2018, which gave birth to Fabre Gasparets Le Camin . 

In 2021, it is the GENERATION range, designed by Canadian comic book writer Guy Delisle, which sees a second Sauvignon orange wine this time: Louis Andrieu.

Orange wine is simply a white wine vinified like red wine with maceration! In concrete terms, the operation consists of fermenting white grapes with their solid parts, i.e. the skins and sometimes even the stalks.

Just like red grapes, the skin of white grapes contains tannins: we therefore have tannic white wines! On the whole, they are more digestible with a lower alcohol content. In the composition of orange wines, a freshness predominates with, curiously, a rather low acidity.

Famille Fabre launching its first range of re-usable bottle!


The CHANT DE LA TERRE range, a tribute to nature with a small goldfinch on a tormented vine, is now available in a re-usable bottle. Encouraged by Biocoop, we’re taking the plunge! We can’t wait to get the first bottles back into the network. The re-employable logo appears on the label.

Chant de la Terre Syrah-Marselan, Viognier-sauvignon and Chardonnay.

“Recycling is good, reusing is better! The deposit for reuse is being developed in Biocoop shops, in partnership with suppliers and local reuse actors. A first on this scale in the retail sector.

More details here:


Since January 2020, the Fabre Family adopts a new identity to be more visible, to better tell our story and finally to present our wines in packaging that suits them!

Almost all our wines have been dressed up… it was time to move to the Bag in Box.

Here are the very first photos: Instant blanc sauvignon, rosé and instant red in 5 liters. We find again the tower of the Grande Courtade, the palm trees which transport us under the Mediterranean sun, on a chair with a glass of instant!

New Cuvees for 2021: Alvarinho and Tempranillo are back!

Alvarinho and Tempranillo

We have 2 good news to begin the year: Grande Courtade Alvarinho (more info) and Tempranillo (more info) are back!

L’Alvarinho, mineral, with notes of cade, juniper, spices, lot of fresnhess, with a delicate acidity! Tempranillo vinified this year in carbonic maceration, to free all the fruitiness and aromatic potential of this fantastic variety, no added sulfites!

The diverse soils of the Grand Courtade benefit a wide range of grape varieties that have been planted over the years. Here you find the great French classics Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon, and Pinot. Also, in response to climate change, the recently planted Alicante-Bouschet, Cote dit Malbec and Alvarinho. Famille Fabre knows that the best way to ensure quality is to evolve with the rapidly changing climate.


Les 3 André: more than 40 vintages for an exceptional fortified wine

Les 3 André

Les 3 André: this exceptional vintage traces the history of the Fabre family. It comes from a blend of our best vintages: the oldest provide complexity, the youngest freshness and balance. Our great grandfather was the first to make this wine… and now Louis Fabre carries on the tradition.
“Once upon a time, in a land far away, lived Fabre Family….”

Limited edition


Boutenac terroir, Miocene, clay-limestone soils, rolled pebbles.

Grape variety:        

100% Grenache.


         15 hl/ha, only the best grapes are used.


Manual harvest with careful selection of grapes. The juices are vinified traditionally before being distilled. They are then “forgotten” in barrels for several decades. This wine is made from a blend of our best vintages. The oldest comes from old barrels belonging to the grandfather of Louis Fabre. These are then topped off (ullage) and refreshed with our best fortified wines.

Tasting notes:

Amber colored

Powerful nose of spicy nuts and plum

Long rich and complex palate with lovely aromas of mocha and orange zest

To be aged:

More than 25 years.

Tasting tips:

As an aperitif, sharing a drink before a meal, or as a digestive, after a diner, with good friends. This cuvee is a perfect match for a cigar during a winter evening in front of the fireplace.

Louis’s secret:

Produced on Boutenac terroir, this fortified wine comes from a blend from our oldest vintages of sweet wines. Most of them are from 100-year-old barrels! The name 3 Andre represents the three generations of this familial first name: Louis Fabre’s grandfather, father and young son. These old barrels are refreshed, through ullage with our best sweet wines. Long and complex in the mouth, the palate brings beautiful aromas of mocha and orange zest.